i58 CAFE


"Share your food with the hungry and give shelter to the homeless. Give clothes to those who need them, and do not hide from relatives who need your help." Isaiah 58:7


i58 Café is an incredible ministry of Ecclesia Port Arthur that helps us fund our mission to love God, love people, and make disciples here in our city and around the world. i58 Café is the perfect place for you to meet with a group, connect with others and build relationships. Whether you are in the mood for a cup of coffee or traditional Hispanic foods like our delicious pupusas, our café has various options available for purchase. i58 Café also has a great selection of snack foods, breakfast items and other refreshments. Because of the generosity from our people at Ecclesia supporting the vision of i58 Café we are able to work with the ministries you will find in the section below.


Hours of Operation:
BEFORE and AFTER every service


We believe in what God is doing in our world. The vision of Ecclesia Missions is to love God, love people, and make disciples. Ecclesia, as a church body, supports ministries in Port Arthur and around the world. Each missionary or organization builds a working relationship with Ecclesia so that we not only supply them with monthly funding, but we work to help them in many other ways including sending teams, resources, and connecting them with other like-minded organizations.


Currently, our main international missions project is to support by providing the living and ministry expenses of 30 pastors in the nation of Cuba. Below are some of the other international ministries that we support as a church.

Good Shepherd's Love 

Jean and Merese Romain serve in Haiti. They lead a ministry comprised of an orphanage, schools, medical clinic, and churches.

Centro Familiar de Aranjuez

Miguel and Adriana Cassina serve in Spain. They began their ministry in their native country of Mexico. The Cassina family was sent by Mundo de Fe to Spain over 20 years ago. Their ministry began with an emphasis on college students and worship, but led to the founding of a strong local church in Aranjuez, Spain. Miguel and Adriana continue their ministry in Spain along with their three children.


World Mission 360

Samuel and Lilly Isaac serve in India. They started World Mission 360. They focus is remote villages on ministering to the impoverished, sick, neglected, and orphaned by providing basic necessities such as food, clean water, clothing, shelter, clean water, as well as medical supplies in North India. Samuel and Lilly are also pastors and church planters, who have started and worked with churches throughout the United States and India.


Joshua Nations

Jason Holland serves internationally. He serves as Executive Vice President of Joshua Nations, a ministry that exists train the next generation of church leaders through training establishing Bible Training Centers in the nations and mobilizing church planting movements.  Jason is married to Anna Holland and they are the proud parents of three sons.


Mundo de Fe - Santo Domingo

James and Brenda Land serve in the Dominican Republic in the international ministry of Mundo de Fe. After several years of serving as missionaries in Mexico, James and Brenda moved to Santo Domingo in the Dominican Republic, where they are now pastors of a thriving church.


RemZion Ministries

Benjamin and Yomara Krepostman serve in Israel. They are the leaders of RemZion, a dynamic ministry in the nation of Israel consisting of a Hebrew church, prayer team, a variety of schools and classes, Holy Land tourism, as well as humanitarian aid, and a popular Christian broadcast addressing political issues.

Cuban Pastors and Church Leaders

Donato Parra serves in Cuba. He is a missionary pastor who provides leadership and support to a large network of pastors and churches across the island of Cuba.


Currently, we are sending volunteer teams monthly to partner with New Beginnings Ministries to serve the city of Port Arthur through food and clothing giveaways to the homeless and families in need, as well as evangelism and prayer in the inner-city.

New Beginnings Ministry

Dr. Henry and Beverly Holland serve in Port Arthur, TX. The ministry of New Beginnings, led by Dr. Henry and Beverly Holland, has been in Port Arthur for over 15 years with programs that train, assist, and rehabilitate. Dr. Henry and Beverly have a variety of degrees, certifications and training credentials that enable them to offer many individuals and families a fresh start on life.